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Can't Pay Unpaid Taxes? Get Your Free Tax Consultation. Cut IRS Debt to a Fraction

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    Tracey O, San Diego CA
    I had my wage garnishment released in less than 72 Hours. They found a much more manageable solution for me.
    Thanks so much!! :-)

    Tamara V. Stamford, CT
    I owed over $65,000 to the IRS and my tax specialist negotiated my final payment down to $2,500. It all started with my free consultation. I never knew this would have been possible.

    David P. Salt Lake, UT
    The IRS was on my case for 8 years. I owed $125,000 in IRS debt. They were able to negotiate a single lump sum payment for $1,475.

    Sarah P. Fargo, ND
    I originally contacted the IRS on my own and they rejected my offer. I found my IRS tax expert through and I my offer was accepted. I had $15,000 in IRS debt and finally settled for $950.

    Kristopher S. Laguna Beach, CA
    Owed over $200,000 in IRS debt. The IRS was going to take my house. They negotiated a great deal for me and I still have my house and owe only a fraction of what I originally owed. My free consultation really opened my eyes to my options. There is help out there and it does work!!

    Ryan C. Miami, FL
    I had a wage levy and could not make payments on my other obligations because of this. They were able to release it in a matter of 48 hours and set up an easy payment plan for me. Thanks so much for the quick response time.

    Matt Q. Omaha, NE
    My tax attorney set up an OIC for me and I went from owing over $60,000 in IRS debt to only $1,400. I would highly recommend to anyone.

    How can I reduce my tax debt?

    Many people have tax problems so don't feel like you are alone. If you are overwhelmed with tax debt, don't worry there is assistance available. By filling out the form to your left you can gain access to Tax Specialists that can help you:

  • Settle with the IRS Tax debt for a fraction of what you truly owe
  • Stop or Prevent IRS wage garnishment (taking money from your current payroll for back taxes)
  • Stop or Preventthe IRS Tax Levies and Tax Liens
  • Remove IRS Tax Penalties
  • Setup reasonable payment plans with the IRS
  • The initial tax consultation is always free

    What are some issues a tax specialist can help with concerning taxes?

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Wage Garnishment
  • IRS Bank Levy
  • Liens
  • Delinquent Tax Returns
  • Bankruptcy
  • Freedom of Information
  • Collection Appeals
  • IRS Payment Plan
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • Penalty Abatement
  • IRS Audit
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Expiration of Statues